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1Removal of Procion Red MX-5B from songket's industrial wastewater in South Sumatra Indonesia using activated carbon-Fe3O4composite2018Hariani P., Faizal M., Ridwan, Marsi, Setiabudidaya D.Journal
2Selection and field evaluation to increase yield and quality of several black rice accessions2018Halimi E., Haryadi P., Kholiq A., Saputra D., Faradibta A.Journal
3Electrode for proton exchange membrane fuel cells: A review2018Majlan E., Rohendi D., Daud W., Husaini T., Haque M.Journal
4Challenges and opportunities for transboundary conservation of migratory birds in the East Asian-Australasian flyway2018Yong D., Jain A., Liu Y., Iqbal M., Choi C., Crockford N., Millington S., Provencher J.Journal
5Improving the critical thinking skills of junior high school students on Earth and Space Science (ESS) materials2018Marlina L., Liliasari, Tjasyono B., Hendayana S.Conference Proceeding
6Response of near-surface currents in the Indian Ocean to the anomalous atmospheric condition in 20152018Utari P., Nurkhakim M., Setiabudidaya D., Iskandar I.Conference Proceeding
7Water mass characteristic in the outflow region of the Indonesian throughflow during and post 2016 negative Indian ocean dipole event2018Bayhaqi A., Iskandar I., Surinati D., Budiman A., Wardhana A., Dirhamsyah, Yuan D., Lestari D.Conference Proceeding
8Enhancing the prospective biology teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) through a peer coaching based model2018Anwar Y.Conference Proceeding
9The influence of discovery learning model application to the higher order thinking skills student of Srijaya Negara Senior High School Palembang on the animal kingdom subject matter2018Riandari F., Susanti R., SuratmiConference Proceeding
10Misconception of biology education student of teacher training and education of Sriwijaya University to the concept of photosynthesis and respiration2018Susanti R.Conference Proceeding
11How strong was the 2015/2016 El Niño event?2018Iskandar I., Lestari D., Utari P., Sari Q., Setiabudidaya D., Mardiansyah W., Supardi, RozirwanConference Proceeding
12Severe Drought Event in Indonesia Following 2015/16 El Niño/positive Indian Dipole Events2018Lestari D., Sutriyono E., Sabaruddin, Iskandar I.Conference Proceeding
13Labor and Sustainable Development in Traditional Oil Mining2018Sununianti V.Conference Proceeding
14Used lubricating oil as a fuel for smelting waste aluminum2018Nukman, Sipahutar R., Taufikurrahman, Asmadi, Surya I.Journal
15Application of floating culture system in chili pepper (Capsicum annum L.) during prolonged flooding period at riparian wetland in Indonesia2018Siaga E., Lakitan B., Hasbi, Bernas S., Wijaya A., Lisda R., Ramadhani F., Widuri L., Kartika K., Meihana M.Journal
16Spatial and temporal variability of surface chlorophyll-a in the gulf of Tomini, Sulawesi, Indonesia2018Sari Q., Siswanto E., Setiabudidaya D., Yustian I., Iskandar I.Journal
17Effects of particle size and application rate of rice-husk biochar on chemical properties of tropical wetland soil, rice growth and yield2018Kartika K., Lakitan B., Wijaya A., Kadir S., Widuri L., Siaga E., Meihana M.Journal
18Short communication: Dugong dugon Müller, 1776 (Sirenia, Dugongidae) in Bangka Island, Indonesia2018Syafutra R., Adi W., Iqbal M., Yustian I.Journal
19Design of mechanical arm for an automatic sorting system of recyclable cans2018Resti Y., Mohruni A., Burlian F., Yani I., Amran A.Conference Proceeding
20Identification of Bearing Failure Using Signal Vibrations2018Yani I., Resti Y., Burlian F.Conference Proceeding
21MISSIONS: The Mobile-Based Disaster Mitigation System in Indonesia2018Passarella R., Raflesia S., Lestarini D., Rifai A., Veny H.Conference Proceeding
22Profile of science process skills of Preservice Biology Teacher in General Biology Course2018Susanti R., Anwar Y., Ermayanti E.Conference Proceeding
23Profile of biology prospective teachers' representation on plant anatomy learning2018Ermayanti, Susanti R., Anwar Y.Conference Proceeding
24Magnetic Susceptibility and Heavy Metals in Guano from South Sulawesi Caves2018Rifai H., Putra R., Fadila M., Erni E., Wurster C.Conference Proceeding
25Processes involved in solving mathematical problems2018Shahrill M., Putri R., Zulkardi, Prahmana R.Conference Proceeding
26Teaching problem solving using non-routine tasks2018Chong M., Shahrill M., Putri R., ZulkardiConference Proceeding
27Characteristic of betel nuts activated carbon and its application to Jumputan wastewater treatment2018Cundari L., Sari K., Anggraini L.Conference Proceeding
28Degradation of blending vulcanized natural rubber and nitril rubber (NR/NBR) by dimethyl ether through variation of elastomer ratio2018Saputra A., Juneva S., Sari T., Cifriadi A.Conference Proceeding
29Torrefaction of Durian peel and bagasse for bio-briquette as an alternative solid fuel2018Haryati S., Rahmatullah R., Putri R.Conference Proceeding
30Assisted of electromagnetic fields in glucose production from cassava stems2018Lismeri L., Haryati S., Bustan M., Darni Y.Conference Proceeding
31The benefits of biochar on rice growth and yield in tropical riparian wetland, South Sumatra, Indonesia2018Lakitan B., Alberto A., Lindiana L., Kartika K., Herlinda S., Kurnianingsih A.Journal
32Tolerance of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) to different durations of simulated shallow water table condition2018Lakitan B., Kadir S., Wijaya A., SusilawatiJournal
33Nephroprotective of anthocyanin pigments extract from red cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata F. rubra) against gentamicin-captopril-induced nephrotoxicity in rats2018Shaum Shiyan S., Herlina, Sari L.Journal
34Characterization and utilization of zeolite for NPK slow release fertilizer2018Agustina T., Rizky I., Utama M., Amal M.Journal
35Eurasian oystercatcher haematopus ostralegus: A new species for Indonesia2018Putra C., Hikmatullah D., Iqbal M.Journal
36Survey on answer validation for Indonesian Question Answering System (IQAS)2018Abdiansah A., Azhari A., Sari A.Journal
37Optimized authentication for wireless body area network2018AL-Khaleefa A., Ahmad M., Muniyandi R., Malik R., Isa A.Journal
38Recognizing farmers’ practices and constraints for intensifying rice production at Riparian Wetlands in Indonesia2018Lakitan B., Hadi B., Herlinda S., Siaga E., Widuri L., Kartika K., Lindiana L., Yunindyawati Y., Meihana M.Journal
39Winter distribution, habitat and feeding behaviour of nordmann’s greenshank tringa guttifer2018Zöckler C., Li D., Chowdhury S., Iqbal M., Chenxing Y.Journal
40Performances evaluation of binary concrete designed with silica fume and metakaolin2018Meddah M., Ismail M., El-Gamal S., Fitriani H.Journal
41Developing a green lending model for renewable energy project (case study electricity from biogas fuel at Palm Oil Industry)2018Sukirman Y.Conference Proceeding
42The comparison of proportional hazards and accelerated failure time models in analyzing the first birth interval survival data2018Faruk A.Conference Proceeding
43Evolution and impact of the 2016 negative Indian Ocean Dipole2018Iskandar I., Lestari D., Utari P., Supardi, Rozirwan, Khakim M., Poerwono P., Setiabudidaya D.Conference Proceeding
44Analysis of physical and magnetic properties of composite NdFeB bind with polyvinyl alcohol2018Ramlan, Sardjono P., Muljadi, Setiabudidaya D., Gulo F.Conference Proceeding
45Effect of forming process by using external magnetic field of bonded magnet made from NdFeB flakes to microstructure and magnetic properties2018Suprapedi, Sardjono P., Muljadi, Djauhari N., RamlanConference Proceeding
46Preliminary Development of Online Monitoring Acoustic Emission System for the Integrity of Research Reactor Components2018Bakhri S., Sumarno E., Himawan R., Akbar T., Subekti M., Sunaryo G.Conference Proceeding
47Physical and mechanical properties of membrane polyvinilidene flouride with the addition of silver nitrate2018Mataram A., Rizal S., Pujiono E.Conference Proceeding
48Optimum parameters for treating coolant wastewater using PVDF-membrane2018Yuliwati E., Ismail A., Mohruni A., Mataram A.Conference Proceeding
49Study on Performance of Intersection Around the Underpass Using Micro Simulation Program2018Arliansyah J., Bawono R.Conference Proceeding
50Farmer's welfare in Telang's integrated independent city: Lesson learned from migrant and local farmers in tidal land, South Sumatera2018Adriani D., Zahri I., Wildayana E., Maryadi, Hamzah M., YuliusConference Proceeding
51Potential efficacy of extracts of Pimpinela alpina, Tribulus terestris and Eurycoma longifolia in increasing sexual activity in male wistar rats2018Partan R., Hidayat R., Saleh M.Journal
52A subchronic toxicity test of ethyl acetate extract from endophytic fungus Penicillium sp. of kunyit putih (Curcuma zedoaria) against Swiss albino mice2018Muharni, Yohandini H.Journal
53Evaluation of features for voice activity detection using deep neural network2018Dwijayanti S., Miyoshi M.Journal
54Worm Disease Profile of Primary School Children2018Hartati, Destriani, Victoria A.Conference Proceeding
55Spatial modelling of malaria cases associated with environmental factors in South Sumatra, Indonesia2018Hasyim H., Nursafingi A., Haque U., Montag D., Groneberg D., Dhimal M., Kuch U., Müller R.Journal
56Higher-order thinking skill problem on data representation in primary school: A case study2018Putri R., Zulkardi Z.Conference Proceeding
57Models to support students' understanding of measuring area of circles2018Rejeki S., Putri R.Conference Proceeding
58Implementation of pattern generation algorithm in forming Gilmore and Gomory model for two dimensional cutting stock problem2018Octarina S., Radiana M., Bangun P.Conference Proceeding
59Insertion of bentonite with Organometallic [Fe3O(OOC6H5)6(H2O)3(NO3).nH2O] as Adsorbent of Congo Red2018Said M., Utami H., Hayati F.Conference Proceeding
60Preparation and Characterization of Dabco (1,4-Diazabicyclo [2.2.2]octane) modified bentonite: Application for Congo red removal2018Taher T., Rohendi D., Mohadi R., Lesbani A.Conference Proceeding
61Metal Oxide Supported Vanadium Substituted Keggin Type Polyoxometalates as Catalyst for Oxidation of Dibenzothiophene2018Lesbani A., Meilyana S., Karim N., Hidayati N., Said M., Mohadi R., MiksusantiConference Proceeding
62Kinetics and Thermodynamics Interaction between Bentonite Inserted Organometallic Compounds [Cr3O(OOCH)6(H2O)3](NO3) with Methylene Blue Dye in Aqueous Medium2018Mohadi R., Purba R., Rohendi D., Lesbani A.Conference Proceeding
63Mathematical modeling in realistic mathematics education2018Riyanto B., Zulkardi, Putri R., DarmawijoyoConference Proceeding
64Developing Ill-defined problem-solving for the context of "south Sumatera"2018Arifin S., Zulkardi, Putri R., Hartono Y., Susanti E.Conference Proceeding
65Addition of fraction in swimming context2018Putri R., Gunawan M., ZulkardiConference Proceeding
66Mathematical problem solving ability of sport students in the statistical study2018Sari E., Zulkardi, Putri R.Conference Proceeding
67Primary school student teachers' perception to Pendidikan Matematika Realistik Indonesia (PMRI) instruction2018Fauziah A., Putri R., Zulkardi, SomakimConference Proceeding
68Bit Error Rate (BER) QoS attribute in solving wireless pricing scheme on single link multi service network2018Irmeilyana F., Indrawati R.Journal
69The relationship between lens opacities and color discrimination ability in cataract patients2018Solahuddin A., Theodorus, Ariani D.Journal
70Environmental health risk assessment of inhaled dust exposure on workers at industry crumb rubber palembang city 20162018Faisya A., Malaka T., Zulkifli H., Zulkarnain M.Journal
71Effect of supplementation kayu manis (Cinnamomum burmannii) extract in neuronal cell death protection in wistar rats lir-psychotic on haloperidol therapy2018Partan R., Hidayat R., Saleh M., Parisa N., Tanzil N.Journal
72Exploration of Bacillus thuringiensis Berl. from soil and screening test its toxicity on insects of Lepidoptera order2018Astuti D., Pujiastuti Y., Suparman S., Damiri N., Nugraha S., Sembiring E., MulawarmanConference Proceeding
73Effect of medicinal plants extracts on the incidence of mosaic disease caused by cucumber mosaic virus and growth of chili2018Hamidson H., Damiri N., Angraini E.Conference Proceeding
74Effect of Pseudomonas spp on infection of Peronosporaparasitica (Pers. Fr), the pathogen of downy mildew on Chinese cabbage2018Damiri N., Mulawarman, Umayah A., Agustin S., Rahmiyah M.Conference Proceeding
75Cross inoculation of anthracnose pathogens infecting various tropical fruits2018Suparman, Rahmiyah M., Pujiastuti Y., Gunawan B., ArsiConference Proceeding
76Characteristics of chitinase isolated from different part of snakehead fish (Channa striata) digestive tract2018Baehaki A., Lestari S., Wahidman Y., Gofar N.Conference Proceeding
77Isolation and toxicity test of Bacillus thuringiensis from Sekayu region soil, South Sumatra on Spodopteralitura2018Afriani S., Pujiastuti Y., Irsan C., Damiri N., Nugraha S., Sembiring E.Conference Proceeding
78Characterization of Bacillus thuringiensis Berl. indigenous from soil and its potency as biological agents of Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)2018Pujiastuti Y., Astuti D., Afriyani S., Suparman S., Irsan C., Sembiring E., Nugraha S., Mulawarman, Damiri N.Conference Proceeding
79Comparison of A∗ and dynamic pathfinding algorithm with dynamic pathfinding algorithm for NPC on car racing game2018Sazaki Y., Satria H., Syahroyni M.Conference Proceeding
80Disaster mitigation management using geofencing in Indonesia2018Passarella R., Raflesia S., Lestarini D., Taufiqurrahman, Malik R., Sutarno, Ubaya H., Rifai A.Conference Proceeding
81Impregnation of activated carbon-TiO2composite and its application in photodegradation of procion red synthetic dye in aqueous medium2018Ruliza M., Agustina T., Mohadi R.Conference Proceeding
82Effect of temperature and heating time on chemical and proximate characteristics of laksan sauce as a Palembang traditional food2018Hartati Y., Priyanto G., Yuliati K., Pambayun R.Journal
83New route in the synthesis of Tin(II) oxide micro-sheets and its thermal transformation2018Huda A., Handoko C., Bustan M., Yudono B., Gulo F.Journal
84Designing PISA-Like Mathematics Tasks in Indonesia: Experiences and Challenges2018Zulkardi Z., Kohar A.Conference Proceeding
85Enhanced virulence of Fusarium species associated with spear rot of oil palm following recovery from osmotic stress2018Suwandi S., Akino S., Kondo N.Journal
86Malaria evaluation analysis based on land cover factor in Ogan Komering Ulu Regency - South Sumatera2018Alamsyah P., Anwar C., Setyawan D., Hanum L.Journal
87Income smoothing and market performance: Empirical study on manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia stock exchange2018Dewi K., Mukhtaruddin, Prayudha I.Journal
88CoFe2O4modified with polyethylene glycol (Peg) for removal of chromium (Vi) ion from electroplating wastewater2018Hariani P., Desneli D., Hermansyah H., Salni S.Journal
89Integration of surface water management in urban and regional spatial planning2018Dinar P., Sarino, Yuono A., Imroatul J., Hamim S.Journal
90Students' specific comprehension skills in english based on school locations, grades, and gender2018Mirizon S., Diem C., Vianty M.Journal
91New data on the distribution of the endangered white-edge freshwater whipray Fluvitrygon signifer (Chondrichthyes: Dasyatidae)2018Iqbal M., Setiawan D., AjimanJournal
92Development of surface roughness prediction model for hard turning on AISI D2 steel using cubic boron nitride insert2018Mohruni A., Yanis M., Kurniawan E.Journal
93Investigations on the Effect of Radius Rotor in Combined Darrieus-Savonius Wind Turbine2018Sahim K., Santoso D., Puspitasari D.Journal
94Comparing rice farming apperance of different agroecosystem in South Sumatra, Indonesia2018Zahri I., Adriani D., Wildayana E., Sabaruddin, Harun M.Journal
95Dynamics of landuse changes and general perception of farmers on south Sumatra Wetlands2018Wildayana E., Armanto M.Journal
96Antibacterial activity of extract from swamp plant, Eleocharis dulcis2018Baehaki A., Herpandi, Putra A.Journal
97Synthesis and characterization of chitosan linked by methylene bridge and schiff base of 4,4-diaminodiphenyl ether-vanillin2018Fatoni A., Hariani P., Hermansyah, Lesbani A.Journal
98Internal versus edge row comparison in Jajar legowo 4:1 rice planting pattern at different frequency of fertilizer applications2018Kartika K., Lakitan B., Sanjaya N., Wijaya A., Kadir S., Kurnianingsih A., Widuri L., Siaga E., Meihana M.Journal
99Supervised Learning Model for Combating Cyberbullying: Indonesian Capital City 2017 Governor Election Case2018Setiawan P., Jambak M., Jambak M.Book Series
100Risk in government's estimate for toll road: Based on investors' perspective2018Wirahadikusumah R., Sapitri, Susanti B., Soemardi B.Journal